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On this page we try to answer all questions you have about the application. is trying to be as transparent to its customers.

  • Why another case converter?

    The existing caseconverters like, or similar were quite limited in functionality for me. For example, most of the converters do not persist the input value you are typing which makes it hard to try out different case styles. The decision process on which type to convert too also played a role in this sense because once the text is converted to a wrong case because of a misclick, it cannot be converted back again. With the user experience on you will be able to always see the original value.

  • Which cases are currently supported?

    As of right now, there are just a few cases supported which are shown in the list below.

    • camelCase
    • kebab-case
    • PascalCase
    • snake_case
    • Sentence Case

    We are working really hard to integrate other case types like lower case, UPPER CASE or aLtErNaTiNg CaSe. You will find these features on our roadmap which we will publically share soon.

    One feature which might interest you is that we also support the case conversion in JSON objects. All of the case types above are supported in JSONs too.

  • How does Artificial Intelligence help converting text?

    Artificial intelligence is not playing a big role in the actual conversion of the text but works more as supportive tool for general case conversions. Most of the times, a conversion will always happen from one case to another for a user. Our artificial intelligence will track this user behavior and will support you in this sense to auto detect the case you want to convert to. Of course, we offer the possibility to convert to the case you select too.

  • How will the referral program work?

    We are still in an early stage of working on the referral program. It will enable a lot of users to use the pro version of this tool for free for some limited time. We suggest you to upgrade your subscription to "Premium" though.

  • Is my data save?

    The only data we save to the user are conversions for history reasons. When the data is deleted from the account panel, we delete all texts and all data which would make the user identifiable. On top of that, we save the data in a password-encrypted database where just the author of this tool has access to. Also, we do not save data for public users. Data is just collected for signed up users to make the experience for these users the best.

  • What is included in the "Enterprise" version?

    The "Enterprise" version is for big businesses who want to have full controll over the data. is always trying to make privacy a big topic and we try to anonymize most of the data. wants to provide an on-premise version of this software to companies. The software is easy to run and login can be provided via Google and many more techniques.

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