A alternative with many more case type options is the an alternative to that gives you more features and speeds up your workflow

Change case types bug free.

Annoyed by bugs in other online case converters? We are trying our best to provide the most bug-free experience on the web.

All case types in one place.

Missing camelCase? Missing Sentence case? We have them all. With our dynamic system we are able to add many case conversions really quick.

The best UI possible.

We put a lot of work into the user interface of the platform and made it as similar to Google Translate as possible. One of the best UIs for case conversions.

Comparing vs.
UPPER CASE, lower case, Capital Case, Sentence Case
Instant conversion without clicking a button
Smart AI suggestions that will guess the right type you want to convert to
JSON key conversion

We make you switch from to!

Here are some of the reasons why marketers and software engineers changed the platform

A lot more case types

With our platform you can use several more case types like camelCase, PascalCase or snake_case which are mostly used within programming languages like JavaScript or Python.

A good user interface that is usable

Our unique approach with the case conversion user interface enables you to convert case types quickly and without a lot of mouseclicks. Without any reloads of the site.

Auto detection and suggestions detects the case you are entering and trying to guess with artificial intelligence what case type you want to convert to.

JSON Key Conversions

Ever had the problem to convert all keys in a JSON? Not with We offer the functionality to change all keys in a JSON in our app.

I had an amazing experience with It truly is the best case converter out there and made me switch from all other solu tions, especially - the most popular one.

Ijendu @SAP

Software Architect vs What is better for me?

To be honest there are great case converters out there. But we want to set a new standard.

With our unique user interface and nice-to-have features we want to provide the best experience possible. We offer the most case types in an online application and it just works. We are working with the newest technologies to make sure everything is working in the app and make your goal of having case types converted. On top we are investing into clever functionalities like changing your JSON keys that might be helpful for some Software Engineers.

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