Convert text to different case types the easy way

Minimize the time spent on clicking buttons to choose the right casing type. Convert texts or JSON keys the easy way powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The easiest way to convert a text to a different case style
Easily convert from snake case to pascal case
Easily convert from pascal case to snake case
Easily convert from snake case to kebab case
  "camelCase": true
  "camel_case": true
Easily convert JSON keys of an object

Premium Features

  • Dark Mode

  • Personal AI driven learning

  • History of your past conversions

  • No ads

  • On-premise solution

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions, we have answers!

  • Why another case converter?

    I found other case converters really hard to use from the user experience. Normally I just want to change from one case to another and the patterns mostly stay the same for me because mostly I am working with the same programming languages over a large time frame and have a specific subset of use cases.

  • Which cases are currently supported?

    Currently the app supports four different case styles. More styles are planned, so stay tuned. You can check our public roadmap which will be available soon.

    Also the support for JSON objects now landed. You can quickly change the case types of valid JSON objects in our online editor. All case types which are listed below are supported.

    • camelCase
    • kebab-case
    • PascalCase
    • snake_case
    • Sentence Case

  • How does Artificial Intelligence help converting text?

    In general it will not help or make the process smoother for the actual conversion. But it will remember which cases you converted before and then will give auto suggestions which is saving time finding the right case you want to convert to.

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